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Shuswap gifts for your staff, clients and family

Corporate staff and clients appreciation gifts for the holiday season. The image has a great box with text on it suggesting Shuswap Soul would make an awesome gift for your clients and staff. There are also small packages wrapped in brown craft paper and sprigs of cedar. So festive.

The last few winters, we've had the chance to work with a few awesome local businesses to help them find great presents for their staff and clients. It's corporate gift giving with a decidedly Shuswap flair. There's nothing better than getting a photo of a whole office in a bunch of different Shuswap Soul hoodies and sweaters. 

If you want to bulk order gifts for your whole team, let us know - email shuswap soul at gmail dot com for more information.

Here's some ideas for your staff and client Christmas gifts:

Keep it simple

Wrap up your favourite sweater, hoodie or hat for everyone. It says I know you love the Shuswap, I know winter's cold, I'm helping you stay warm. Or something like that. Send us your list of sizes and colours or if you don't want to guess - we can give you a card to wrap up with a unique code for each of your staff members to order their own preferred colour and style. 

a grey and black Shuswap Soul snapback hat on top of a christmas box infront of a christmas treeShuswap all around

A local office did a really cool Shuswap bag for each of their team members - it included some local food products and a hoodie for each of their staff. There are some great places to check out for locally sourced wine, cider, jams, cheeses, candles, art cards.

Calling all realtors

Add one of our Retro Cabin Keys to your client appreciation packages - it's perfect, your buyer bought a new home, you're giving them keys to the new home. We helped someone recently put together a welcome-to-the-Shuswap package which included a couple hats and of course, a vintage cabin key. 

Matchy Matchy

You've seen the pics of people in their matching Christmas pajamas, you could do matching Shuswap hoodies or sweaters either with your family or with your office. 

Family of four huddled together in Shuswap Soul sweaters and hats posing for a holiday card


a grandma with grandchildren all standing on the beach in coordinating Shuswap Soul t-shirts


But I want something specific...

Drop us a line, we're happy to help you source something special for your team. But you need to order early - everything takes a little longer at this time of year. 

So I know it feels early to start thinking about it. But think about how much more relaxed you'll be knowing that this part of your holiday gift giving is taken care of early. 

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