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Behind the scenes for our latest photoshoot

A couple of times a year, we organize photoshoots with local photographers and customers to get some of the awesome shots you see on our site. It's nice to get the new shots but it's also so cool to meet people from around the Shuswap who love the lake as much as we do. 

This last shoot was a couple weekends ago in Herald Provincial Park. The park is seriously nice any time of the year but so strange to see it so quiet. A few people were out walking on the beach but other than that, it was just us.

Abigail Anderson is a local photographer who specializes in family and business photography. We've had the chance to work with Abigail a few times now and she's always up for anything, including shooting in an empty park in below 0 temperatures. 

This shoot had a few people in it we've worked with before which was super fun and we also got to meet a few people we've never worked with before. Our whole family comes out to these - my mom keeps all the pieces organized and makes sure we get a shot of everything on the list, my dad shoots behind the scenes photos and videos. My sister runs stuff back and forth and ends up in shots sometimes. And I carry stuff around. 

Shuswap Soul Hoodies folded up in size piles on a picnic table in Herald Park before a photoshoot

All the hoodies folded up and ready to go for the shoot

Photographer crouched down on the beach taking pictures of a family on the beach at Herald Park in the Shuswap

Nothing like a few bubbles on the beach to get the kids laughing and playing. 

Photographer shooting a couple walking on the beach at Herald Park at Shuswap Lake

This is Jody and Rob and their dogs. Jody kept joking the dogs were the star of the pictures.

Family talking to a photographer at Shuswap Lake

Kids playing with a dog while a photographer takes pictures of a couple of the beach at Shuswap Lake

One of the awesome parts of people coming to shoots is when they bring their dogs. We don't have one at home so my sister is always happy to keep dogs happy while their people are in shots. 

Photographer taking a picture of two teenage girls wearing Shuswap Soul hoodies on the beach

Photographer speaking with 3 people sitting on a log at the beach at Herald Provincial Park in the Shuswap

Teenager sitting on the beach in a grey Shuswap Soul Hoodie while a photographer takes a photo

Thanks everyone for braving the cold and coming out to join us!

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