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Best places in the Shuswap for taking family pictures

It's a really nice time of year in the Shuswap and it makes me think about shooting for our winter line. The colours are so vibrant and the cooler weather is perfect for getting outside. And also, I can't really go skiing right now either on the lake or on the ski hill so we may as well go take a bunch of pictures.

Here are a few inspiring places around the Shuswap for your next planned or impromptu photoshoot (either with a professional photographer or just with an iphone).

Find a Wharf

There are a few that have awesome lines and make for a great backdrop for photos - the Salmon Arm Wharf is the obvious choice, but other options in Canoe, Chase and Sicamous also work well.

Far a field (more like nearby fields)

Whatever the saying, being in the midst of sunflowers is and ah-maz-zing back drop. See what we did there?  But short grass fields, corn, orchards also totally work.

Play in the trees

Especially in the fall, the golden trees create a beautiful backdrop. But our evergreen forests work well too. Some of our favourite spots are the entry point to the Balmoral trailhead, the trees down around the Salmon Arm Wharf near the boat launch and the Scotch Creek Provincial Park.

Hit the open road

The rural roadways and paths are an awesome place to make your family pictures pop. The combination of rural and urban can be fun.

Pretty much any beach or river around the lake

Doesn't matter if you are in Salmon Arm, Scotch Creek, Sicamous or at the end of the Seymour Arm, the beaches, and the space around them is gorgeous.  And at this time of year, many of the riverbeds have rocky areas for your kids to explore. Some of our favourite beaches are the one in Sicamous at the Old Towne Bay Marina, the public beach in Blind Bay and Silver Beach Provincial Park on Seymour Arm.

Look up, way up

There are so many great viewpoints around the lake. Some require some sweat to get to, which makes them that much more rewarding. But nothing like the mountains, forests and lake in the backdrop of your memories.

Head to a park

There are so many parks both in the towns around the lake and the provincial parks. Regardless of which one you visit, there are green spaces, water, old buildings, bridges and many other interesting places for your family to gather. The beach section and the parks could all have been one section, but there were too many great shots to choose. Check out McGuire Lake Park or the Fair Grounds in Salmon Arm, Margaret Falls, or Sunnybrae Park as options.

Look for urban places too

When we think of the small communities around the Shuswap, urban doesn't often come to mind. But there are a number of places where we can still get that urban feel of a bigger city... downtown streets and murals can both have a great feel.

Hope you found some inspiration. Let us know if we missed any of your favourite places!

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