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Canada Day market and meeting so many Shuswap lovers

How did you spend your Canada Day? Hope it was awesome! I spent the day at the South Shuswap Canada Day Market in Blind  Bay. My family has gone to the Canada Day celebrations there for many years. I was about one and a half the first time I watched the parade of old cars and floats. That is me and my Dad.

after launching our online store last spring, we had a few different retailers reach out to carry parts of the Shuswap Soul line. Then I started reaching out to others (and if you are an awesome retailer in the area, we should talk ;)

i decided to be a store in the Canada Day market this year. We got a tent, ordered some extra stuff including some awesome insulated water bottles since every other year I have been to the Canada Day market it has been crazy hot. My Dad helped me paint some signs and figure out how to hang a clothing bar in a tent.

I got to meet lots of people. Even in the rain, I was excited about how many people came out to see the parade, hear live music, eat some food and check out the market. I also had a chance to meet other vendors from the area and some awesome people including Jody from Big Juicy Life who wrote this cool story about my company. As a side note, White Lake Organics makes the best chocolate chip cookies! 

My mom and I made this little video of our day except we forgot to take any shots when there were lots of people around 


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  • Barb

    It was so great to meet you and check out your “hot” product. I live in Calgary and grew up in the Shuswap. I love to return to visit, it still feels like home. I bought a pretty purple tshirt that I proudly wear. I have had so many comments on it, they always say" the Shuswap is so beautiful" I agree! I was thrilled to see that you have a website and online catalogue. I would like to order more purple shirts for women and I do not see it as a choice in your online menu. Please advise how and where to get more? I am back in
    SA in a few weeks. My email is simba.5@shaw.ca

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