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Supporting local businesses

Everyone has been very worried about the Coronavirus and how it may affect small business. Coronavirus will of course affect us but as long as Canada Post remains open then we can continue to ship orders!

We also have retail partners who continue to support us and carry our products so whenever possible, please buy direct from them too. They have been so generous and supportive since I started this business in 2018.

I am a fifteen year old running this business from my basement. Unlike other small businesses I have no rent to pay and do not have to pay staff. I am really encouraging everyone to help any businesses in the Shuswap that have all of these costs. Here are a few ideas to help do that.

  • Buy a gift card to use later from your favourite store or restaurant
  • Buy something online from one of your favourite local shops
  • Write a review on Google or Facebook for your favourite business
  • Post a picture on your social media about your favourite businesses and brands - make sure to tag them

I also want to encourage everyone to be very kind. This will be a really tough time for some people so if you can help them in anyway please do so. If you see someone walking across the street smile and wave or say hello to your neighbors (while of course keeping  the social distance). A little gesture like this will often make someones day! 

Lastly I know everyone has heard this everywhere but STAY HOME! This has been said so many times but sadly some people are still going out. This affects more than just you and if you decide to go outside you could be spreading it without knowing or you could get it from a friend and spread it to your whole family.

I can't wait for things to open back up so that we can get out and visit our favourite stores and parks. 


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  • Louise

    Well said, ……….love your products, will be in touch!

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