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Introducing Made in Canada Hoodies

When I started Shuswap Soul, I set up an account with a print on demand printer which means that anytime someone ordered a tee or hoodie, a company printed the product, packaged it and shipped it out for us. It was a great way to start my company because it meant I wasn't creating a whole bunch of stock in case things didn't go as hoped. Also, I think my parents figured I would loose interest after a few weeks.

Anyway, after my mom and I spent months working from a coffee shop (we called it "the office"), I finally made the site live and I remember that exciting moment the first sale came in. 

A few weeks later, the wife of a local printer reached out to see where we were printing and suggested using a local Shuswap printer. They were willing to do small batches for us and that was the start of our products being sourced and printed from Canadian companies. We've been working them since then and I love that our products are printed in Blind Bay. Most of our products are manufactured in other countries, but we've been very intentional in buying them through Canadian distributors.

We're excited to add a new product to our collection. It's our first hoodie that is made in Canada in addition to being printed in the Shuswap. At the moment, it's our only product that is made in Canada but it's a first step.



Inspired by the Shuswap. Always.
Printed in the Blind Bay. Of course.
Made in Canada. Oh yah, this hoodie is. 


  • Marcia K

    Wonderful idea – best wishes for success in the Canadian made products

  • Sue Zinczuk

    Looking forward to ordering a few…..perfect to send to family back in Ontario! Look great!

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