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Introducing made in Canada toques

Winter is coming, and you know what that means – it's time to bundle up and keep warm! And what better way to do that than with a cozy, stylish toque? But not just any toque will do. If you want to stay warm, you need a toque made right here in British Columbia, Canada.

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What's the Big Deal About Canadian-Made Toques?

Well, for starters, Canadian winters are no joke. We're talking freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and icy winds that can make your ears feel like they're about to fall off. So, you need a toque that can handle the cold and keep you toasty warm. Okay, our winters aren't that bad but we've all got a toque or beanie stashed nearby all winter whether we need it or not. 

But it's not just about functionality. Canadian-made toques are also a fashion statement. They come in a variety of colours coordinated with our winter line. 

This winter, we are super excited to be working with a local artisan named Michelle Whalen. She lives in the Okanagan Valley and has been handcrafting toques for a number of years for family and friends. She'd tell you each one is made with love. We've been looking for some new toque and beanie options to bring to the Shuswap and so we're super excited to partner with her this year and be able to share these awesome toques with you.

These toques are available in a variety of colours - black, grey, cream, maroon, olive and teal. Each one is handcrafted especially for Shuswap Soul and have a great little cork tag on them. 

Five tshirts and coordinating made in canada toques are laid out on the ground

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