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Learn to Wake Surf at Shuswap Lake

Our family spends a lot of our summer on the water on Shuswap Lake swimming and boating. My favourite summer days are usually on the boat.

I learned how to ski behind a small little fishing boat when I was really young along with all of my cousins. As we got older, we moved to bigger boats and added in kneeboarding and tubing.

Waterskiing at Shuswap Lake behind a small boat

Waterskiing at Shuswap Lake

Over the past couple of summers, I've had the chance to go surfing with some family and friends on their boats. We don't have a surf boat... yet. The good news is there are a number of places to get surf lessons around the Shuswap and nearby in the Okanagan. 

We spent a few days surfing last week. We recently took some lessons with Surf Sicamous for a few hours and it was awesome. 

Wake Surf Lessons with Surf Sicamous

Tony has a new Supra Surf boat and and we met up with him in Sicamous. My Dad, sister and I had surfed before but my mom have never been able to get up even though she's been skiing for years. Before we even got on the water, Tony spent some time with my mom on the dock walking her through how he wanted her to try getting up.  

Wake surf lessons on Shuswap Lake

When we got out on to the water, we each had lots of surf runs. Tony had surfboards for each of us for our size and skills. He also gave us suggestions and corrections with each run. I was soooo close to getting a 360... and my mom even got up.

Wake surf on Shuswap Lake

If you want to learn to surf this summer or you just want to get out surfing and don't have a surfboat or you just want a break from driving for the surfers in your family, this is an awesome option. 

We have also rented a surf boat from Scotch Creek Cottages and to try to practice our skills. 




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  • Andrea

    Hi. Do you do surf lessons? On Mara lake? We have a surf boat.

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