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Photographers in the Shuswap

Can you help me find an awesome photographer in the Shuswap?

text chat with someone on Instagram asking where they ask me to recommend a photographer in the Shuswap for family photos

This is a pretty common question I get in my DMs in Instagram. 

At this time of year, a version of this comes in at least once a week. Sometimes it's from people who have reacted to an Instagram story or posted a comment on a photo and sometimes, it's the first question they've asked. I actually get lots of interesting questions in my DMs, not just about photography but lots of things around the Shuswap. 

Usually, I send a link a couple of photographers I've worked with over the past couple of years and to #shuswapphotgrapher. Also, every photo we post on Instagram or Facebook which wasn't taken by someone in my family will always have the photographer credited. I think there are so many awesome photographers around, I want to make sure they are recognized for their awesome work.
Since these types of requests are happening more often, figured I'd just create a post referring to a few different photographers in the Shuswap. So if you are looking to get family, wedding, newborn, brand, lifestyle or just random photos taken near and around the Shuswap, this list is for you. 

If you want to check out some behind the scenes from a few of our photoshoots over the last couple of year, check out this and this.

Shuswap Photographer Krista White taking brand photos for Shuswap Soul. There are two people in the photo - a boy in a black Shuswap hoodie and a girl in a red Shuswap hoodie. They are in a field overlooking Shuswap Lake from up above Blind Bay.
Behind the scenes at a shoot with Blind Bay photographer Krista White


On location at Herald Provincial Park at a photoshoot with Shuswap Photographer Abigail Anderson taking brand photos. There are people walking down the beach and there is a boy in the foreground holding Shuswap Soul hoodies in between shots.
Behind the scenes with Salmon Arm photographer Abigail Anderson


Behind the scenes shot at a photoshoot for Shuswap Soul with Sicamous photographer Moonkissed Memories. The image has the photographer standing in the lake taking photos of a couple sitting on the beach wearing Shuswap Soul hoodies.
Behind the Scenes with Sicamous photographer Tessa from Moonkissed Memories

Photoshoot at the Salmon Arm Wharf
Behind the scenes with Salmon Arm photographer Emma from Second Chance Photography

So here goes - if I've missed any awesome photographers anywhere from Revelstoke to Sicamous, Salmon Arm to Sorrento, Scotch Creek to Chase and anywhere in between, drop a link to their site in the comments. 


Many of these Shuswap photographers have specialty areas - check out the links to see if they are a good fit for you and your project. 

If you are looking for some inspiration for locations, your photographer will likely have some awesome ideas and secret spots. In case you need a little inspiration for the last location for your next photoshoot, check out this list of places which are great backdrops.  


  • Caroline Goode

    The event is on May 9th and is a fundraiser for Shuswap Paws. Thanks in advance!

  • Caroline Goode

    Hi there, I am looking for a photographer who would be willing to donate a few hours of their time to take photos at a fundraising event in Blind Bay

  • Brittany Meise

    I am also a local photographer from the Shuswap and would love to be added to this list

  • Sarah

    You can add me to this list too,
    Sarah’s Grassroots Photography
    Located in the shuswap (salmon arm), I specialize in newborn and family lifestyle Photography

  • Graham Dudfield

    Looking for a photographer for Aug 6 wedding at Cedar Ridge guest ranch Enderby, from 3 pm till 5 pm

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