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Shuswap Lake life apparel for your whole family

The Shuswap is a place where people come together - at the campground, the cabin and on houseboats. My grandma's cabin is the place where I get to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins, great aunts and uncles and I'm not sure what you would call my mom's cousins. The point is family vacations and memories happen at the Shuswap.

This photo has my grandma in it with seven of her ten grandchildren. Each person in the photo has on a different Shuswap Soul t-shirt or hoodie. All the people are standing in a long across the beach at my grandma's cabin on Shuswap Lake.


We have some traditions with our family - it usually involves running off a dock with all of the grandkids and my mom will get that great jump in the lake pic. We go swimming in the middle of the lake off my grandma's boat. We always have a dinner on the patio at Finz in Blind Bay. We stop for ice cream at Anglemont Marina and we still call it the ice cream bus even though ice cream has been served out a small building and not a bus for 10 years.

It's just not summer vacation without these things. 

A young girl in a life jacket is hoping out a chocolate chip mint ice cream in a waffle cone at Anglemont Marina. The little girl has long hair and a big smile. An older girl with a smile wearing a colourful swim shirt is photobombing in the background

Over the past couple of years, we've seen more and more pics on Instagram and Facebook of other families' traditions and one that I love is when you seen big groups of family and friends in matching Shuswap clothing.

I remember the first time I saw a pic of a matching family group - it was taken at On Alex and it was a family I knew from Calgary who had been into the the store and bought shirts for the whole group. It was a mix of tees and tanks, but the whole family had on their Shuswap Soul clothing. 

The next one I got was from a family baseball tournament - their whole family had on the exact same shirt and I am pretty sure there are almost 20 people in the photo. So cool. 

We've since done a few sets of family pics, a wedding party, a baseball team, a staff event for a local business. And I'm excited to see what ideas you might have. 

matching Shuswap clothing for your family

If matching outfits is a thing for you and your friends, we can help you find your perfect Shuswap Lake life clothing. This year I want to make it super easy for you. Coordinate with your group of family & family - a camping club, cabin crew, houseboating squad, or those friends who want to coordinate for patio drinks just because it's Tuesday.

Drop me an email at shuswapsoul (at) gmail (dot) com and I can help you put together a custom order for your group. We can do help put together a combination of in stock tees, hoodies, crews and hats right away or do a custom order in your favourite colour / design combo. Custom orders take a few weeks to bring for printing and get them out to you. 

Three young children wearing matching blue Shuswap Soul kids t-shirts on the beach with the lake in the background. The youngest child has her arms wrapped around her older brothers waist.

Four kids each wearing a different coloured bright Shuswap Soul hoodie jumping in front of the Salmar Classic Theatre in downtown Salmon Arm.

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