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Shuswap Soul Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is officially here and I've put together a list of some of my favourite Shuswap inspired treats for anyone on your gift giving list who loves the Shuswap. 

To help make your holiday gift giving even better, we're adding gift tags from Natasha at Honey and Joy to every order this holiday season to help make the outside of your gifts as awesome as the inside. 

Holiday tags

Made in Canada Hoodies & Sweaters

We've added a couple of limited edition sweaters to this collection for the holidays.

The classic hoodie is available in blush and has fast become a favourite of a few people we know. The two-tone crew is perfect for your time at the lake or wherever you call home. These are both made from a cotton poly blend in Canada and printed in Blind Bay. 

The classic grey crew and the black crest crew were introduced earlier this year - these are a heavy fleece made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The red hoodie has been a favourite since in launched in late 2020 and lists some of the awesome places around Shuswap Lake. This hoodie is made from a bamboo and organic cotton blend. 

Made in Canada Hoodies and Sweaters

Hats & Toques

We've got you covered for summer and winter with our hats and toques. 

Our waffle toques are back this winter in black, stone grey, sand and pink. A toque (/toʊk/ or /tɒk/) is a type of hat with a narrow brim or no brim at all. Some people might also call this a beanie. We prefer toque. It's a waffle toque. Not to be confused with a pancake toque. How's that for a dad joke? 

Snapbacks are here in a variety of colours for anyone on your list. 

Shuswap Soul Waffle Toques

Shuswap Soul Snapback Baseball Trucker Hats

Kids Hoodies

Shuswap Soul Youth and Kids Hoodies

This season we've brought in kids hoodies and you can find them online and locally at On Alex in Salmon Arm and at the Chase Visitors Centre. Kids also love our hats and toques. And don't forget about stickers for their waterbottles, skateboards and notebooks. 

Tees & Tanks

It looks like tropical vacations are on for some this winter - we're got a few different tees and tanks so that you can take your Shuswap love to the beach! And if you are staying closer to home this year, these shirts will be awesome any season but especially next summer at the cabin, on a houseboat, camping or on the boat. 

Check out these awesome ideas!

Shuswap Soul Tees and Tanks

 Shuswap Tees and Tanks

Shuswap Soul Sunset Tee

Shuswap Soul Surfer Tee

Shuswap t-shirt

Shuswap Soul tanks and tees

Shuswap Soul tee on a beach in Florida

Shuswap Soul Ladies Tee






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