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Shuswap Soul is in On Alex in Salmon Arm

Today is a huge day! After selling shirts online for a few months you can now buy them at a store in Salmon Arm!

First, let me start off with that we are so excited that you can now buy Shuswap Soul clothing in Salmon Arm! This morning we stopped by Watermark Solutions in BlindBay, I was very impressed! James showed me around and showed some of the equipment. Next, he showed me how he screened the logo onto the shirt. Finally sending us out the door with the hoodies and shirts we ordered for On Alex.

We headed over to On Alex and were super excited to meet Cheryl, she had a whole display ready for us and let us help her set it up. We helped her hang a few shirts and then headed home! It was a really fun experience for me and my sister. 

Just wait there is more to come ;)


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  • Mary Corcoran

    I really enjoyed reading this very informative article. Starting your big day at Watermark Solutions in Blind Bay and heading over to meet wonderful Cheryl help you with your display which is very eye catching at “On Alex”.

    Next time I am passing through Salmon Arm I will be seeking out “On Alex” to do some shopping, I love all the eye catching items I might purchase there along with Shuswap Soul clothing.
    Summer is coming. Your shirts 👕 will be in great demand.
    So happy for you.

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