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Things we love in the Shuswap

We talk about Shuswap Soul representing what we love at the lake, here is what I love!

Favourite things to do at Shuswap Lake

This one is easy, of course WATER SKIING. I just learned how to slalom ski which in case you didn't know is skiing on one ski. I love just being pulled behind the boat with excellent views in an early morning with the sun barely up. My favourite memory was when I dropped a ski for the first time without falling. Everyone on the boat was cheering, so I decided I didn't want to bore them, so I went out of the wake for my first time. It was awesome!

My second favourite thing to do is to play cards with all of my cousins when they come out. We always pick a new spot to play, whether that is inside or outside. My personal favourite on the lawn facing the lake. The card game we usually play is thirty one and sometimes we play poker for dishes. I like watching the lake while we play cards and stare off into the distance.

My third favourite thing is to go on the boat to get ice cream. I love black cherry, but also cookie and cream, personally I like the Blind Bay Village Grocer, because they give you so much ice cream. For the boat though I like Anglemont, make sure you bring shoes, because it has lots of gravel. I also love Anglemont, because they have these four cool chairs that are monster like and face towards the lake.

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