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Become a Shuswap Soul Ambassador & Content Partner

We love everything about the Shuswap - the lake, the mountain trails, the towns and most of all the community. As we started sharing our love for the Shuswap, we started meeting a lot of cool people who also share that love. And we also have realized how many people are enjoying lake life and having awesome adventures around the Shuswap - both from people who live here and people who wished they did, but visit often.

Each year, we try to work with a few people who are as passionate about the Shuswap as we are. Our Ambassador Content Program to allow us to work with photographers and videographers to create awesome content that works with our brand and showcases your adventures around the lake and up in the mountains. The goal is to showcase this beautiful region and highlight the beautiful images and talent of our ambassadors.

If you have an absolute passion for the Shuswap and want to learn more about becoming one of our featured content ambassadors, get access to perks, including discounts and free products, shoot us an email at shuswapsoul@gmail.com.