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Black Friday Cyber Monday Special Offer... and a look back on the last 9 months

It’s been almost 9 months since I pressed the publish button on my website and launched Shuswap Soul. It’s been an interesting experience for sure.
A few things have happened since it launched:

  • Shuswap Soul started out as an online store only. We found a supplier that would print my designs on shirts as customers purchased them and then ship them out. I got to learn about promoting my site and sales.
  • Then we had a couple of awesome local stores contact us to carry some of the products. If I was going to be selling my clothes in local stores, we had to use a local supplier. 
  • Lucky for me, an awesome printer also contacted me to see if we could work together. And so we are – all of the clothing that is sold in stores in Salmon Arm, Chase or Anglemont is printed in Blind Bay. 
  • I was super lucky to be involved in a cool photoshoot project to create some of the pictures that are on this site. So cool to meet Tessa, Danny and Erin last summer. And even better that we got to enjoy some snacks from Blind Bay Village Grocer in the South Shuswap and Blondies Cafe in Sicamous.
  • I tried out going to a few different markets over the summer and had a chance to meet other super cool people around like White Lake Organics (seriously, you have to try her cookies!!!!), Kara Leinweber and Jody Shakespeare
  • We’ve been able to support the Lewiston Ultra and both Parkview Elementary and Grinrod Elementary Schools. And wait until you hear about the next project!!! I’m super excited about my next project. I’m working with some awesome people to do something really cool, but not quite ready to share that yet.

So this gets me to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is the first one we are doing. From today until Monday, we’re adding a gift to any purchase over $100 online. It’s a super cool insulated water bottle that you can take anywhere. Keeps cool things cool and hot things hot. Either way, you can stay hydrated no matter how you spend your Shuswap time.

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