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Plan Your Shuswap Vacation

Enjoy lake life: plan your Shuswap summer vacation

I know most people think about March as being the time to be talking about spring break - beach vacations, ski trips, or time to open up the cabin to start getting ready for summer. Either way, we're about to have two weeks off school and I can't wait for the break. 

My parents are also starting to talk about our summer plans and how we're going to spend as much time on the water as possible. Lake life is seriously the best. I'm also dropping massive hints they should get a boat we can ski AND surf behind but I won't hold my breath. Thankfully we have been able to surf with some friends and family a few times over the past couple of summers. It's a good thing so many of us love Shuswap Lake.

Anyway, looking ahead to summer we've got lots of things starting to land in the summer calendar - friends coming to visit, camps for my sister, weeks my parents are off work.

If you are starting to plan your Shuswap vacation from Chase to Sicamous and all points in between, I have some ideas to help you settle in to life at the lake. 

70+ fun things to do on your Shuswap vacation

Shuswap Cabin Rentals for families at Shuswap Lake

Regardless of where you want to stay, there are lots of options for cabin rentals at Shuswap Lake on a few different online sites. But I'll make it super easy for you - there are also a number of great cabins and condos which can be rented around for your Shuswap holiday.

Here's a few options:

Each of these also have great photos and ideas on their sites and social media for how to make the most of your Shuswap vacation.

Houseboating at the Shuswap

What better way to see so much of Shuswap Lake than on a houseboat. You can spend your days exploring the lake, finding awesome beaches, views, waterfall trails, rope swings and floating around. And in the evenings, you can beach the houseboat in a quiet bay at one of over 20 marine parks around the lake. 

Cool instagrammable Shuswap cabins

Less interested in the whole family vacation but want that cool instagram-worthy place that matches your vibe? You can find that perfect cabin view, trail shot, running off a dock or roasting marshmallows over the campfire. There are lots of great cabins in the woods and on the water around the Shuswap to check out. Imagine spending a quite week at any one of these places to relax and recharge.

Check out some of these cool spots:

Shuswap Resorts and Hotels 

If a traditional hotel or resort is more your style while you are at the Shuswap, there are some great options in the towns and cities around the Shuswap. You can check in, drop your bags and spend time taking in these places with resort amenities:

Other interesting hotels in the Shuswap

Camping at Shuswap Lake

When you talk to people about Shuswap life, many will talk about some memory of camping at the Shuswap. Kids on bikes, meeting new friends, days at the beach and campfire memories are made at the lake. If you are planning to camp at one of the Provincial Parks, the reservation system opens up soon for spring camping reservations including Shuswap Lake Provincial Park, Herald Park and White Lake Provincial Park. Camping can be booked two months before your arrival.   Everything you need to know about the 23 Shuswap Lake Marine sites including Cinnemousen Narrow, Albas Falls, Paradise Point, Nielsen Beach and Marble Point can be found here

There are also a bunch of private campgrounds around the lake including

The next thing is planning some cool things to do like renting a boat to go skiing, surfing or even just exploring or hiking to some of the awesome view points around the lake or cool waterfalls. The Shuswap also has a bunch of markets in Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Sorrento, Blind Bay, Scotch Creek, Celista and Chase. There are also wineries, breweries and fruit stands.

Want to get matching Shuswap clothing for your crew?

Any of course, if you are want to find some Shuswap apparel as you make lake life memories, we can help with that. Shoot me an email at shuswapsoul (at) gmail (dot) com anytime and I can help you find matching t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and hats for your whole family. Every summer we get to work with a few families who buy Shuswap clothing for their whole family and then send us a pic of their crew on their houseboat, at the cabin and even at the ballfield for their annual summer tournament. 

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