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Community: it's one of the best things about owning Shuswap Soul

So you may know the story. About five years ago, I asked my parents to let me start a business so that I could buy the hockey stick I wanted but they wouldn't buy for me. It took a few months to get things going and Shuswap Soul officially launched at the begging of 2018 when I was 13 years ago. 

Over the last four summers, I've been really lucky to meet and work with some really awesome people around the Shuswap. Within a few days of launching my online store, a couple of stores in Salmon Arm reached out asking to carry some of our products. That led us to working with a local printer in Blind Bay, setting up at some markets, being featured in a story in the Salmon Arm Observer and on a couple of local blogs and podcasts.

I've gotten to work with a few local photographers and meet tons of awesome people who are featured in our photos and on our social media. We partnered with the Shuswap Trail Alliance to create a shirt to support their work in maintaining the awesome trails around the lake. We've even started sourcing some of our products in Canada. I still get excited when I see someone I don't know wearing something from Shuswap Soul. It's been fun and honestly way more work than I expected. I am thankful for the community in the Shuswap.

I've always known the Shuswap is a special place. My Dad and I spend hours running through the trails and trying to find the best viewpoints. We get to see my cousins and aunts and uncles when everyone comes to my grandma's house. And there's always ice cream. I'd rather be out on the water than just about anywhere. My mom calls it having the lake gene. 

That's a long story to get to the point. There are some awesome businesses around the Shuswap and I feel really lucky to be a part of that. So this summer, when you are out and around the Shuswap, stop into your favourite Shuswap businesses. Check out a new one or two...






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